Many of our products are exported.

For our customers abroad, we offer you a variety of services:

  • Choice of transportation mode (road, sea)
  • Adapted packaging research
  • Customs document handling
  • Handling of all documentation relating to veterinary authorities


Principal destinations:

  • Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece
  • Morocco, Senegal, Israel
  • China, Korea, Malaysia
  • Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt : BHA SA has concluded a partnership and exclusivity agreement with Trading International Agro-Mixte company represented by Mr. Bouakaz in order to gain time and efficiency in the deployment of its products in these markets.
    Contact : Mohamed Bouakaz
    Tel. : +32.486.86.34.47 - +32.484.48.50.78
    Mail : m.bouakaz@eurotiami.com - info@eurotiami.com
    Website : http://www.eurotiami.com


Our packaging

Most of our products are packaged in 25 kg bags. We can of course look into other types of packaging, such as “big bags”, for example. Our packaging meets the legal standards for food safety. [top]



Our in-depth knowledge of dairy products enables us to offer manufacturers products:

  • that meet their functionality requirements: for example, a creamy white sauce, an easy-to-grate cheese, a very shiny yoghurt, etc.
  • at an affordable cost.


Our mission:

  • Analyse the manufacturer’s needs;
  • Translate those needs into technical specifications;
  • Research the formulation that corresponds to those specifications;
  • Carry out laboratory and field tests;
  • Evaluate the cost of implementation. [top]


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