We satisfy our customers in two ways:

Special orders: each request is reviewed individually, then we develop a product that best meets the given criteria (functionality, cost, etc.).

Our range: We offer a complete range of ingredients for agri-food manufacturers. For each product, we provide a very detailed specifications sheet.

Some examples from our range:

Milk replacers

Dairy products intended as a total or partial replacement for skim or whole powdered milk. These powdered products are intended in particular for use in ice creams, chocolate, bakery applications and sauces, as well as to enrich the dry matter in cheeses, yoghurts, desserts or creams.

The milk powder substitutes contain variable proportions of butterfat/milkfat and/or vegetable fat, milk proteins and functional whey proteins.
Some examples include:

  • Bakery applications: PA LAT 1/20
  • Hot sauces: PA LAT 2/25
  • Ice cream: PA LAT 1/28 and PA LAT 2/20 IC
  • Curdled milk : PA LAT 8/31


Milk powders enriched with vegetable fat

Unlike milk substitutes, these products are manufactured by replacing the milkfat with vegetable fat. The products contain no whey protein, and are an excellent replacement for whole milk powder.
To give an example:

  • All sectors: FFM 26% Coco


Whole milk powders

  • Skim milk powder
  • Buttermilk powder
  • Whole milk powder


80% vegetable fat powder

Vegetable fat powders are manufactured on a dairy or glucose base. They come in the form of a free-flowing powder. They offer particular benefits in terms of ease of measurement and the possibility to incorporate it into powdered premix. The most common applications are the manufacturing of ice cream, hot sauces, dehydrated soups and bakery premixes. These powders have good conservation characteristics, and do not require a refrigeration system.

  • 80% palm lacto sheet


Functional products

We have developed products that offer excellent stability for hot sauces which must remain stable after freezing or long-term conservation.

  • PA LAT 1/21


Industrial cocoa and sugar products for export, brand "Lux fine"

A complete range of cocoa powder, chocolate, icing, as well as inclusions, almonds, hazelnuts especially adapted for ice cream applications, bakery, pastry. Brand Lux Fine.


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